Get the Revenue Amplifier Checklist for Health and Self-Optimization Leaders

27 essential elements that help you achieve more reach, impact, and revenue from your courses, group programs, memberships, and service packages.


Every future and current buyer of your courses, programs, and services is on a journey.  

A journey we call the Buyer Journey™️.  

Every stage of that journey has commonly missed opportunities to amplify your impact and revenue from each product/service you offer, such as:

  • Reaching more of the right people for your courses, programs, and services, and losing fewer of the ones you reach.
  • Engaging those people more effectively and getting them to see how much impact you could have on their lives.
  • Getting more purchases, and more repeat purchases that build your profitability.
  • Achieving more in your programs… and having more people actually COMPLETE them in the first place.
  • Getting more referrals while getting what you need from successful clients to get even better results and more sales.

Inside, I’ll show you at every stage the essential elements to get more revenue, more profit, more impact, and more clients... as consistently as possible.